If you’re an entrepreneur, then you would already know how imperative it is to outsource your marketing strategy to a successful SEO company. After all, it is the collaboration between you and the SEO company that will make your company grow online and overcome with the competition at ease.

With the annoyingly increasing amount of spam and disreputable companies circulating online, it can be frustrating and intimidating to find the top Digital marketing agency for you. After all, SEO is a long-term investment and can really make or break your presence on the internet depending on how the strategy is handed out and dealt with.

SEO Company

So going by common logic it would be obvious that you would be tempted to select an agency just by Googling in keywords like ‘top SEO agency in Kerala or best SEO company in Calicut’ thinking that if they are as good as they claim to be they would obviously pop up as the first organic search result. After all its their playing field and they need to be on top of their game, right? WRONG.

While coming up on that list would be no small feat but selecting an agency solely based on that would be the wrong approach. What might be happening is that most of the good agencies, the ones that are in high demand, the ones that do consistently great work and get great referrals, they don’t actually need to rank here.

They are often overwhelmed with clients all the time as their clients refer them to people and lots of people in their network refer folks to them. They might also be having a high retention of clients. They’re incredibly busy, and hence don’t spend any work hours optimising their own website to get new clients.

Therefore, many of the companies that rank well for keywords like best Digital marketing agency in Kerala or SEO company in Calicut or a particular speciality, like best Ecommerce SEO, may not really be the best. It could be because they are without any client work and so they’re concentrating all their energy on trying to get new clients 😀

Most of the startups and small/medium/large business entrepreneurs’ don’t do their homework well Digital marketingbefore hiring an SEO company.

This post would help them understand 5 things that you would look for before signing your next deal with an SEO company.

1. A Quick analysis report
a. Assign them a brief task/assignment to come up with the pros and cons of your website structure.
b. What is missing from your website with an SEO standpoint.

2. Case studies and positive testimonials
a. Testimonials are like rewards on record, ratings provided by various clients will cement your deal with this SEO company.

b. Case studies are a great way to know how much of an impact the agency was able to have on a particular brand and if that is closer to your vertical that’s a bonus.

3. Meet the team in action to see if they are well-skilled employees who have enough experience in managing major projects. The project scale handled by the team is an important factor to determine if they can handle the same and deliver the results in time.

4. Realistic offerings – Sometimes if you hear things that are too good to be true, they probably are.

Look for companies who offer realistic results and don’t make random guarantees. SEO is an ongoing process, and no one has the ability to guarantee rankings 100% since the search algorithms keep changing and are beyond an agency’s control. Any promises for overnight rank changes or guaranteed rankings should sound suspicious enough.  Similarly, watch out for under-priced quotations as well.

5. Point of contact – This is one of the biggest questions that people usually forget to ask. Check if you can get a dedicated account manager who would be in constant touch with you from the agencies side. It is always important to learn with them what they are doing so that you can be better equipped when making plans or giving feedback.

Above points are imperative to assess before you decide the SEO agency to outsource your work .  As the work that you assign should be faithfully addressed to produce the best results for your company.