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Grow your business and get more business with Paid Per Click Services. 

Pay Per Click, better known as PPC is perhaps one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Paid Per Click Service capitalises on areas where people are already active,helping you to gain potential customers and improve conversions helping you get the upper hand in competition. 

We deliver custom PPC Campaigns.

We monitor PPC results to maximise ROI.

We target Google, Gmail, and Bing, the biggest Search Engines in the world!

We provide you with regular updates.

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We partner with first tier search engines and social media platforms like Google, and Facebook, Instagram respectively to drive in huge traffic and revenue through this brilliant model! With the PPC model, advertisers have a clear picture on how many times the link has been clicked, how many users have clicked it, and the revenue your ads generated.  PPC works primarily on keywords. Whenever a keyword relevant to your business is typed in the search engine, ads of your business have to show up.


with the best Google Ads / PPC Services

With unique PPC management services,  our excellent team with tons of expertise in the game can deliver custom campaigns, boosting your business like no other company. Pay Per Click model of advertisements work on payment from the advertiser to the publisher of the website each time the ad is clicked.

Disclosure is the lifeblood of your business

You know what this means don’t you?

You need a team like us with expertise in managing hundreds of businesses to research, analyze and zero in on keywords with maximum potential to maximise ROI. Investing in relevant keywords is the need of the hour, and nobody can help you like we can! 

Come to the best PPC Management Services in Kochi, Kerala, to feel the difference today!

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How do Paid Ads function?

Paid Advertisements are so much more than just placing ads in Social Media. If your page is not ranking in the first page of Google, paid advertisements help you place the perfect keywords and bring in top-quality traffic that is sure to close sales, and be the absolute bang for your buck. 

Think of Paid Advertisements as Real Estate. Good Quality Real Estate that is in high demand sells fast, as it appreciates fast and yields great rental income. Similarly with Paid Advertisements, we are paying for “cyber” real estate that can improve the visibility of your business, while also increasing the value of your business. 

Although these cost more than other ways of marketing, the result is staggering as the growth and ROI on Paid Adverts are unmatchable. The ads are usually placed at the top, to the side of webpages, and sometimes at the bottom to increase visibility and draw the vision of visitors to your business.

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Whether you are a budding business looking to make your mark on the internet or a multi-faceted business conglomerate looking to further your name, Tysocio can be the perfect partner to your business. With the best PPC Management Services in Kochi, and the best team out there, we are consistently able to get our clients to the top of the table, with exponential rise in organic traffic, and sales. Get monthly reporting, continuous campaign testing and optimization with zero stress today, only with Tysocio. 

Most Online Marketing teams consider you just as clients. Not Us! You are family, which makes us go to any lengths to help you taste success.

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