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Gone are the days when businesses only clicked due to investment, advertising, and quality alone. People look for a change in every venture. Changes that bring in easy access to order and get products or services delivered; changes that are a click away.

As mobile phones continue to rule our lives- the way we shop, the way we eat, the way we dress, and the way we learn, mobile apps have become the need of the hour.

The demand for feature-rich, well-designed, easy to navigate iOS and Android apps continues to reign the commercial world. New ventures launch themselves through apps and old ones are revamping their business structure with apps. Time to get yours done now!

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The core of app development: UI and UX

The primary aims of mobile apps being boosting sales, it is critical to building an app that people connect instantly connect to. It is all about the customers. Therefore, the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) development is of utmost importance. The overall interface- layout, colour themes, and design should appeal to the user and offer them a hassle-free experience. An app should be easy, well- structured, and engaging- all in one!

Choose the App as per your Business need

Mobile apps can be broadly categorized into native apps, cross-platform apps, and hybrid apps..

Native apps employ the use of platform-specific programming languages, tools, and development kits. For a native iOS app development, Swift would be the ideal language as its highly functional and less error-prone. Java and Kotlin are the primary choices for native Android app development with its open-source tools and libraries.

Cross-platform app development is the process of using a single code base to develop apps that adapt to different platforms. React Native is the most recommended framework for both iOS and Android apps in such cases.

Hybrid apps use standard web development tools such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build apps that work like websites.

The choice of programming language and framework used for mobile app development depends largely on the client’s budget. So, we, at Trysocio try our best to understand client requirements, features they would like the app to possess, and build a mobile application on single or cross- platform that fall under their budget. However, the use of better technology and framework can promise you an app that goes much much beyond the initial investment to create a revolution in your industry. So if you have a business at tier 3 cities like Kannur or tier 1 cities like Cochin it doesn’t matter, a mobile app can definitely give you an edge in front of your customer.

The Trysocio Mobile App strategy

The Trysocio has distinct wings of both iOS and Andriod App developers who put their heart, soul, skills, and knowledge into developing an app that is feature-rich and technologically advanced. For that exceptional UI-UX designs are crafted by our mobile app development team at Kannur. It is not just about designing UI and UX, developing an app, and hosting it on the store. People should see it to install it. Trysocio greatly focuses on App Store Optimization to bring in desired results.

We have developed apps for restaurants, online groceries and educational institutions so far. But the scope of apps is not limited to a few industries. With an expert mobile app development team, we have the confidence to bring about innovation through mobile apps regardless of the industry your business caters to.

Why a Trysocio Mobile App?


A team that is proficient in the various app development platforms and the UI-UX design gives us the courage to take up the development of any app that is on your mind now but will be on the App Store soon!


With a client-centric approach, we always try to keep up to your trust in us. The source code is
protected and all confidential information is kept to ourselves.


The Trysocio apps are usually devoid of confusion and issues. But in case of any such occurrences, our support team will lend you a hand.



By developing an app, you have changed your business from traditional to contemporary. An
app widens your horizons and brings in positivity, transparency, and love for the brand. We, at
Trysocio always stick on to these ideals while developing an App.