In this digital era it is quite obvious that a website is the “face” of a business, company, organisation or individual. Of course it is an initial platform for the people in need of your products and services. The potential buyers are always curious to know more and more about the company they buy from. Naturally we must ensure our website is easily accessible and visible.

If you own a cake shop on the street, clearly it will be visible to the people around. As we know they don’t have to put any extra effort in order to reach your shop. Whereas on internet or in the digital world, they cant find you unless you help them find you.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEOSEO

We know that, people search on internet for the needed products or services. For example they may look for “the best cake shop near me”. And SEO helps you top the list of cake shops. In simple terms SEO is the process of getting traffic from search results, in a natural way. And this article is a brief on the techniques to be implemented, with key emphasis on a component called Technical SEO.

  • Technical SEO or Technical Search Engine Optimisation

    There are various search engines which people across the world depend on to search and find products and services. For instance Google. The prospective buyers can reach your site only if the search engines are able to find and index the said website.
    Technical SEO can be defined as the actions you take to help search engines index your website properly. Naturally, the content too has a major role in making the website top the search results.

Search engines expect the websites to have some technical characteristics in order to place them on top. For example, an interactive design. Technical SEO ensures the presence of the required characteristics and below given are the guidelines to be followed.

  1. Create a mobile-friendly website

    Normally mobile phone is our primary device to search something. And today search engines including Google have recognised this and started identifying mobile-friendly websites more relevant.

  2. Minimum loading time

    A faster loading leads to higher ranking. There are ways to speed up the pages. Keeping plugins and scripts to a minimum, using small images, compressing web pages are few of them.

  3. Use SSL

    An encrypted link between server and browser is created by a security technology and this is called SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. In search results, websites using SSL are given preference.

  4. Resolve Content related issues

    Duplicate contents may cause troubles to both user and search engine. So we should fix them. There are techniques to do this including preventing CMS publishing multiple versions of a page.

  5. Enable AMP

    AMP HTML is a special code. It helps speed up the content delivery on mobile devices. AMP versions of web pages are really quick.

  6. XML Sitemap

    XML Sitemap says the search engines where exactly each page is. And it gives up-to-date information on page modification, preference every page has on a website etc. XML is a file and it has an important role in effective Technical SEO. So create one.

  7. Register the websites with free tools

    At the time of website launch it’s ideal to share your XML Sitemap with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster. They are free tools from Google and Microsoft. And it helps them crawl your site.

In addition to this, the site becomes more mobile-friendly. There is a positive impact on search analytics too.

Please note, these are not complex processes.

Have a look into few important components.

  • On-page SEO

    There are contents which say the details of your page. For instance usage of keyword, H1 tags, Internal Linking and meta descriptions.

On-page SEO communicates with search engines and visitors as well.

  • Off-Page SEO

    This SEO is connected with the amount of links from other sites to yours and its impact. For example, suppose that some other site is at par with your website in quality and all other parameters. But if your site has 50 links from reputed websites, you will definitely have an upper hand in the search engine results.

In Business

Technical SEO assures easy navigation of your website. Moreover it will be kept away from technical problems and makes sure the search engines recognise the sites easily and rank them. Thus the website attracts natural traffic and convert the visitors into paying customers.

It helps you adhere to the best practices for website optimization as well.

These joyous user experiences add to the popularity of your business. In addition to these benefits, search engines find your URL Structure more friendly. Website becomes extra safe indeed.

Evaluation or Audit

This will be a right move to check the present status and effectiveness of Technical SEO. Naturally an expert can do the job and help you bring modifications if required.

In a word, optimize your website by all means, seek professional opinions and pay attention to Technical SEO.

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