How Digital Marketing Works Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Creation. Communication. Connection. These three Cs rock the world of Digital Marketing!

Digital marketing is the meaningful creation of conveyable material divulging accurate details about your products and services that the audiences can relate to immediately.

Gone are those days when the buyer and seller had to meet physically to conduct a business deal. Today, everybody and everything is on the internet. You may not find people out on the street but you can find them surely tapping on their phones. As more and more people are getting armed with digital technology, you need to use it to your advantage. If you have to gain their attention, you need to be present on their screens. Because no one looks up from their phones to see the billboards, anyway.

Scope of Digital Marketing

There is endless scope in digital marketing. You can choose from several tools – content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, websites, among many others. Or you can go for a combination of some of them which may be more relevant to your business. In fact, we experience it daily subconsciously whilst using online platforms. For instance, all of us receive regular e-mail updates from Swiggy, Myntra, and Nykaa. Or, we watch an influencer go live on his/her social media account talking about a certain brand. When we constantly interact with a brand, we are unintentionally drawn closer to it.

The only purpose of digital marketing is not to gain a customer. But, to get the customer to promote your brand further. That’s the power of solid marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

You already have your audience gathered at one place waiting to immerse in an engaging domain. Now, you just got to pitch them the product correctly and at the right time. Devise an interactive online strategy that will get them glued to the screen and you have earned yourself a customer! You will be surprised the benefits it offers:

  • Hints of Footprints – With the help of analytics, you can find out all about your visitor’s preferences, behaviours, and habits. You will be able to track their footprints and have the ultimate demographic data. This will assist you in reaching people who will be more accepting of your product range.
  • Easy on pocket – The cherry on the cake, you don’t need a big budget or a lot of time for all of this. It is much cheaper than the traditional methods of marketing that could be accessed exclusively by the ‘elite’.
  • Plays the creative card – You can play with the ideas and explore your creativity. Putting forth a unique sales pitch through unconventional tools like animated videos or reels grabs eyeballs faster.
  • Post à la mode – Even posting about a trendy topic of discussion by incorporating your product in it catches attention. That’s why Zomato is so popular on every social media platform. It gives the audience relatable content that they tend to share with their friends.

Digital Marketing as a Problem-Solver

It bridges the gap of communication between businesses and their customers. Both can get to know each other better with greater connectivity. It can also facilitate the transition of a business into a brand. Whenever any customer will have queries about you, they can look you up online for more information. Hence, you can deliver to their needs directly through your website without any third party compromising the available data.

With the help of digital marketing, you get a head start in this competitive market. You already know about your target audience and where to find them. With one rocking announcement, the world knows all about your brand. That’s what Smytten did. They heavily emphasized their USP and pursued desired customer profiles through direct online campaigns.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing does not come with a manual of instructions. Not everything fits the mould here. One has to tailor and modify strategies to suit your individual business needs. Therefore, you must trust the expertise of a digital marketing agency to form a unique plan for your brand.

There are various approaches to achieving increased revenues and higher conversion rates in the world of online marketing. Think of it as a diet. How consuming only vitamin or fibre or protein won’t help your body to stay fit. But a wholesome and balanced diet comprising all the vital nutrients will result in good health. That’s why choosing an amalgamation of digital touchpoints in a strategy enhances customer interactions steadily.

Let’s run through all the components of digital marketing that work together to generate awareness for your brand.


Today, it does not matter whether your business has a registered address in the real world. But, it must have a powerful identity on the web. Most people don’t even visit your physical store. They scroll through your website and order stuff online! And even if they do want to come to your shop, they visit your website to find the address!

A website is a thread holding all other digital pieces intact and fully operational. Your website should contain all the information about your business, effectively. The website design must facilitate structured placement of content and a high aesthetical value. A well-built website will improve your credibility among potential customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you ever searched for something and went to click on the 2nd page of Google? No, right!
Let’s be honest, it is as ignored as an elaichi in a biryani!

If you want people to locate your business, you have to be present in the top 10 searches. To achieve this, you need to fully optimize your website content with a business-relevant keyword. Investing in blogs is one of the best ways to rank higher in Google. However, growth through SEO does not happen overnight. But, if your website is optimized considerably, it can perform wonders for your business.

Content Marketing

People immediately give a thumbs-up to easily understandable and appropriate content. Interestingly, search engine bots too prefer the same!

Once you have your website and keywords in place, you need to move on to the content. You can generate it in the form of blogs, videos, e-books, podcasts, reels, and so on. Content decides the extent of interaction that users have with your brand. It is the very basis for any digital marketing campaign. Even a simple yet catchy tagline might attract people to your brand. For instance, Fitbit’s ‘My Reason is’ hashtag campaign got people to share their personal highlights vividly.

Social Media Marketing

People spend a significant portion of their everyday time on social media. If they find your content entertaining, engaging, and exciting, they drop positive comments. Also, they learn about your brand’s recent developments through social media. Posting effective content regularly in the form of reels, stories, etc. on social media can get you a huge following. The audience relates to your brand better when they can communicate their thoughts to you directly.

You can also collaborate with influencers to promote your brand and enhance your reach organically.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC Advertising is a way to elevate your chances of getting seen by people online. You advertise about your brand and every time someone clicks on the ad, you pay an amount. It is an excellent way to boost your website traffic and an efficient one too. Since your ad is specific to certain keywords, the visitor is already interested in the product/service that you provide. Hence, PPC can prove instrumental in increasing the conversion rate.

PPC is a faster way to improve your standing in the web pages along with SEO and content marketing.

E-mail Marketing

It is slightly different from all the other components of digital marketing that we have discussed till now. E-mail marketing is more personal and direct in approach. Recipients feel special when they are given focused attention in the form of emails. They are more likely to remember about your brand while receiving regular updates. It is also a great way to enhance brand loyalty by pitching new launches first to your previous customers.

Digital Marketing Today

A super-evolving domain since the last decade, digital marketing has established itself as the ultimate frontrunner in the marketing landscape. With technology taking over every aspect of businesses slowly, you need to progress too. Create a concrete place for yourself on the internet and provide a smooth web experience to your users.


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