Benifits of Social Media Marketing

You would be surprised to know that around 75% of people buy products after they see them in their social media feed. 57% of people choose to buy products from known brands of social media.

With 4.48 billion active users, social media can be a game changer of your marketing strategy. Social media marketing has increased the lead crossing rate above 100%, which is difficult to achieve through any other kind of marketing.

Neil Patel, one of the popular digital marketers and owner of brands like ubersuggest has generated about $332,640 in three months by marketing through Instagram.

This data will definitely tempt you to start social media marketing right away. But before you start, let’s discuss other benefits of social media marketing that help you to accelerate your sales.

Benefits of social media marketing

1) Increase brand awareness

Colgate comes to your mind while talking about toothpaste, Ashirwad Atta comes to your mind while talking about wheat flour and Lays comes to your mind while talking about potato chips. This is nothing but the power of brand awareness, which is a must to stand apart from your competitors.

Brand awareness and brand recognition are very crucial for the growth of any business, which require winning the trust of your target audience.  Social media marketing helps you to win this trust.

Social media helps your audience look at your brand even when they are not thinking about your brand.

But for this to happen you need to keep certain things in your mind like

∙         Being consistent about posting and engaging on any of the social media platforms

∙         Having proper display picture and cover photo that best describe your brand

 2) Helps you to know the need of your customer

True marketing is when you don’t need to market. For that, you need to be aware of the needs of your target audience. When your product aligns with the needs of your target audience it sells on its own.

Social media platforms serve this purpose, as you can easily interact here with your target audience and can easily come to know about their needs and interests.

So on your social media page, apart from posting about yourself, you should engage with your followers by running “Ask me anything” or running different polls which help you to know their interest.

3) You can share customers’ feedback

Whenever I choose to shop online, either from Amazon or any other social media profile, the very first thing I do is to check their client’s feedback about their product. And I’m sure I am not alone, we always make decisions based on other people’s experiences.

And for that reason, it’s a great idea to share your client’s testimonials on your profile. Based on the number of customers sharing their experience with you, you can attract more customers.

Your client’s testimonials speak everything about you on behalf of you.

For that, you can share a good image of your product with the customer along with his/her experience.

4) Statistical analysis

To improve anything, you need to measure it. On social media, for each of your posts, you can check its performance by checking its reach.

It’s not required and possible for each of your posts to go viral, but at least they should reach the number of people equal to your followers.

On all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and twitter you can see the post insights, which give you the detail about the reach of your post, like how many people have seen your post, their region, and gender.

5) Easy to provide customer service

Customer retention is an important part of marketing. If you want your customer to keep on coming back to you, you need to satisfy them with the good product along with good service once the product has been sold.

With the help of social media, it’s easy for your customers to get in touch with you. You and your audience can have quick and easy interaction through social media, which helps you to solve their problem as quickly as possible.

This also helps in the word-of-mouth marketing, as 71% of people have said that, they would like to recommend the brand to others with whom they had positive experiences on social media.

6) Helps you to drive traffic to your website

As a website owner, you must be constantly thinking about increasing traffic on your website, with the use of SEO. But if you will only rely on SEO then you may lose some of your major audience. By posting your website link on some of your posts on social media, you can drive traffic there, which helps you to make conversion possible.

But for this to happen you should be clear with what to post and when to post, as your customers should not get bored with your posting. And that’s why it’s important to follow a schedule for posting your content and being consistent.

7) Helps you to broaden your network

One of the important features of social media marketing is that it focuses on coloration rather than competition. On social media, you can’t grow alone, if you want to grow you have to collaborate.

So by collaborating you can come across different people across the globe which may open new doors of opportunities for you as well as for them.

8) Cost-effective

Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is almost free if you do organic marketing. It’s completely free to create social media profiles and post content on them. For some people, these are enough, and the quality of content promotes the content on its own.

But if you want to go the extra mile then you can pay and run ads, which help you to reach a large number of people. Here with paid ads, you have a choice to select your target audience which increases your probability of conversion.

9) Helps with repurposing content

Social media marketing is all about being consistent with your content. Being consistent is not an easy task, as it requires lots of creativity.  Whenever you feel a shortage of ideas, at that time you can repurpose the content.  You can share the content which you may have shared earlier and your audience may have missed that.

You can also repurpose the content, which you may have shared in any of your blogs or YouTube videos. This way you can stay engaged with your audience.

10) Use of relevant hashtags

All the social media platforms offer you the use of hashtags. With the use of relevant hashtags, you can reach a large number of people without paying a penny.

But every social media platform has specific guidelines for using these hashtags. If you use these hashtags with these guidelines, then only you can get the benefits of these amazing features of using hashtags.

Wrapping up

Thus by social media marketing with creativity and consistency, you can generate revenues beyond your imagination.

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