9 benefits of Social Media Marketing and why you should leverage it now.

Social Media Marketing has taken the world of marketing by storm, and for good reason. The world of print and television is slowly becoming obsolete with more and more millennials choosing to spend time on Social Media over traditional media. Content is available readily, and it is curated to individual tastes, which make social media a powerful medium over traditional ones.

The fact that 60% of all businesses are not present online is alarming and needs to be addressed. Businesses need to identify this opportunity and grab it ASAP.

Here are some wonderful benefits of Social Media Marketing and why you should choose it over all the others.

  • Make your brand the talk:

Creating a strong social media campaign can create conversations regarding your brand and make it the talk of the town. An example of this would be the recent instance when Shahrukh Khan, congratulated and reminisced about his days riding the JAWA bike when JAWA was brought back to production recently.

This created a talk regarding the brand of Jawa and gave it immense publicity. So, highlight your brand with storytelling.

  • Converse with your customers:

Marketing uses a tactic called Social Listening, which aims to understand the needs and requirements of customers and address these requirements. Customers will have certain pain points they need to be addressed, which is easy with Social Listening. This can be done easily through reading and responding to comments and posts on Social media.

  • Share brand story: 

Social Media can be a great way to share the history, mission, and aim of your brand. Be it the story of a new employee, or the day-to-day life of the outlet, social media allows you to share it all. This raises the image of the brand in the eyes of the public and helps to be seen as affable and friendly, driving growth and publicity.

  • Research from Audience: 

With Social Media, we can now analyse the most searched keywords to understand the type of products people are searching for. This information is easily available with Social Media and can boost your business tremendously. (Twitter and Facebook allow you to check the statistics of the page on insights.)

  • Build Customer Loyalty:

Do you want to build brand loyalty for free?

Customers follow social media handles and websites of the brands they adore and interact with them often. In a study, we found that 60% of those who follow your business are loyal to your business for a very long time. If customers follow you, customers will choose you, and increase traffic in the process.

  • Increase traffic: 

Social Media platforms can send traffic directly to your website. It is unlikely that all the traffic to your pages is from organic searches. Traffic can be helped by pinning your website link on the pages of your social media handle. Make sure that you don’t spam with posts, as that can lead to people unfollowing your newsletters, emails, and platforms. Instead, choose a fixed schedule and stick to it so that people know when to expect your posts.

  • Link build with Social Media: 

When you write impressive blogs and posts, the chances of people writing blogs related to the same topic are high. They might also link back the work to your original work. Search Engines pick up on this and attribute a higher authority to your blog. This improves traffic, ranking and link building on your website.

  • It’s budget-friendly: 

Unlike expensive ads that are aired on prime-time T.V and newspapers, social media marketing is budget-friendly and provides exponential ROI. We can utilise lesser resources and deliver absolutely BOMB results. Now even the smallest of businesses can leverage this opportunity to be noticed and grow.

  • Make your content go viral:

Yes, going viral isn’t easy and takes hours of dedicated content on social media. But the result is worth every bit of that dedication. Once your content goes viral, it is always present on social media and never forgotten. That some hashtags from late 2012 are still used is a testament to this.

These are just some of the many lucrative aspects of Social Media Marketing. There are tonnes more! With Social Media, the possibilities are endless, but the question is, are you game?

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