With about 1.1 billion users active monthly, Facebook presents many opportunities for advertisers. Despite claims that Facebook’s appeal is dwindling, it’s evident that people continue to enjoy this platform. According to Pew Research Center data, over 70% of Facebook users in the United States log in daily, compared to 59 % on Instagram, 38% on Twitter, 27% on Pinterest, and 22% on LinkedIn.


With such potential value, it is up to marketers and advertisers to create the most creative and exciting ads and make the best out of this opportunity. 


Think about it; there are probably ads that are etched in your memory; why did these ads stand out to you? What did they do right? By un-cracking the code to Facebook advertising, you can elevate your advertising game and possibly create one of the best ads on Facebook.


However, are you faced with a time crunch and a limit in experimental possibilities? Do you know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there? Then, fret not, for we have a few tested tips and tricks that can help you create the perfect Facebook ad. 


1. Create a catchy and engaging headline

People no longer want to hear long sales pitches and boring briefs, and they want something relatable and catchy. Try using a conversational tone and let the sales tactics slide.


A good headline is sometimes a smart phrase, and other times, it’s a simple product advantage. There is no hard and fast rule to headline writing. You can experiment and be creative, provided it isn’t redundant and boring. 


Follow brands that have nailed the visual and social norms of Facebook and Instagram. Chewy.com and MVMT are a few popular ones. You’ll note that these businesses’ headlines are significantly more conversational than traditional benefit-focused marketing.

2. Track sales, not clicks10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Facebook Ad in 2022

We all love recognition; clicks and likes can boost our self-esteem, but the amount of money you make is more significant than how many people like your ad.


When you get a lot of clicks, it’s tempting to have unrealistic expectations because your ad appears to be “working.” This is a significant error Because clicks do not always indicate a high-performing ad.


The fact is that it makes little difference if you receive thousands of shares and clicks. Something isn’t working if you’re not receiving sales. It could be your advertisement on your landing page, or you may be targeting the wrong audience. But, in any event, you need to halt the campaign and figure out what’s wrong and how you’re going to fix it.


We’re not dismissing the importance of clicks and engagement, and they are, to some extent. We mean that you must always maintain track of your sales, expand what works, and eliminate what doesn’t.

3. Keep it short and sweet

Since people on Facebook and Instagram skim rapidly, keeping the text short works better.


According to Mobile Marketing Association data, over 66% of people took two to three seconds to view and cognitively recognize desktop ads, compared to 0.4 seconds on mobile. Keep your text brief, clear, and straightforward to convey your point.

4. Maintain consistency between your landing page and your ad

Ads make a promise to readers: click here to get this. High bounce rates might jeopardize your ROI if your Facebook ad design and landing page design aren’t aesthetically in sync!

When creating your ad and landing page, keep in mind that standard components should be used so that readers can quickly migrate from Facebook to your website and other resources. It takes a lot of effort to get clicks on your ad. When you’re so close to success, don’t allow your landing page to let you down.

5. Use very little text on images

Consider a smaller font and shorter lines to reduce the text-to-image ratio when using text on an image. We’ve discovered that photos with less than 20% text fare better, though there’s no limit to how much text you may include in your ad image.

6. Make sure your image sizes are appropriate

Once you’ve begun creating your ad, double-check that your photos or videos are the proper size and have the best aspect ratio. Images and videos that are not properly formatted might be distorted, grainy, or difficult to view.


With the proper aspect ratio, you can squeeze in all necessary information while avoiding wasted space or uncomfortable margins. If you require assistance keeping track of the best ad sizes and aspect ratios, you can check out this free guide, so you don’t make any mistakes. 

7. Consider Color psychology

When creating a Facebook ad, the colors you use might be equally important as the photos or content you use. In fact, according to research published in Management Decision, color accounts for up to 90% of all rapid judgments regarding things.


Varied colors, according to research, can have different psychological effects on human demographics. For example, older individuals prefer shorter wavelength colors like blue and purple, whereas younger people prefer brighter colors like red and orange.

When selecting a color to utilize, consider the market you’re advertising to, what they enjoy, and what they anticipate, and you’ll be on the right track.

8. Use the carousel format to include multiple images

Carousel enables you to display several photos for visitors to browse through simultaneously. This is a great possibility if you’ve got many products or brand images.

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Facebook Ad in 2022

9. Use call-to-action’s (CTA’s)

For Facebook ads, various call-to-action (CTA) buttons are available. These buttons attract attention and encourage users to interact with your advertisement. Depending on how you want people to interact with you, you can experiment with the CTA buttons and layouts and see which ones compel your audience to act.

10. Remove resistance from your CTA by using the description area

The perfect Facebook ad understands that asking consumers to do an activity always causes buyer anxiety.


The last step is to create an appropriate description for your CTA. This is the description for the News Feed Link. Make use of this area to anticipate frequent purchasing objections.


For instance, if your CTA is “Print the report,” a frequent argument would be that the audience questions the report’s worth. So, you could provide some information that’ll draw the user. You can include free shipping or return policies if you’re asking for a direct sale or a trial period offer if its downloadable software. 

 Wrapping it up:

The perfect Facebook ad design helps in attracting attention and telling the story. Each of these tips can assist you in doing so, but it is your responsibility to use them to get the best for your product or service. If you need some help to build your brand through social media, you can check out Trysocios’ social media marketing services. Now, it’s up to you to explore and get the best out of your Facebook ads. 

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