A Social Media Marketing Company with an Edge

Your social media handle is the most important part of your online presence. It is also one of the easiest ways to establish your brand online and to gain credibility and get in front of your targeted audience.

We are a social media marketing company in Kannur that will discuss your goals and get an understanding of your needs to generate a carefully curated strategy that works best for you and will help your business make the best use of social media platforms.


Social Media Services we offer:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social listening
  • Development and deployment of social contest
  • Analytics for real-time monitoring
  • Social media handle management
  • Community participation
  • Promotion and content creation

Our Social Media Marketing plan

When it comes to social media, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The several social media networks out there, all of them have different modes of operation and not all are right for your business. Our social media experts create the best social media strategies that will get you the optimum return on your investments. We identify your needs and pair them with the right social media marketing tools to create a better brand engagement which facilitates a two-way conversation with your customers. Our social media strategy basically relies upon focusing the right marketing efforts based on the personality of the social network we deem best for you.

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We get social so that you can get operational

We handle your entire social media platform so that you can focus on what you do best – your business. Meanwhile we employ the right analytics tools and give you customer insights that will help you strategize to the needs of your customers, thus increasing your sales.

We are a social media marketing company in Bangalore that creates more opportunities for you by engaging in good communication, promotion and brand management. Our social media strategies are continuously evolving based on the changing market trends and demands of the consumers, so that you don’t stay in the dark. With new networks and changing social media trends, it can be hard to keep up. So, leave the job to the experts and we will get social for you expanding your business in the social realm. Expand your audience across the web with the help of the best Social Media Agency – Trysocio

Measurable goals to drive customer results

Our social media strategy is based on step-by-step strategies rooted in smart and measurable goals with continuous monitoring, tying each strategy and accomplishment to your business objectives ensuring the best possible outcome. With our in-depth understanding of the framework and working of social media, we leverage all the tools social media has to offer and run campaigns that culminate in business success.

Responsive Social Media Management

We invite and offer more audience response to convert the visibility into sales. We perform regular audits to gauge the standing of our social media marketing strategy and improve customer experience. We use a good mix of visually appealing posts and time the posts to get maximum community participation. Almost everyone conducts a lot of research before making a purchase – we make sure that you show up in their results as the best provider. We help you listen to what your target groups are saying, what their interests are and how they feel about you. We manage your conversations with them and create tactics that work best for your business model on that particular social media platform.

Bringing it all together

Our social marketing strategy follows one simple algorithm – discover, strategize, deploy campaign, analyse and report. We never offer package deals for any social media campaign. We believe that package deals lack innovation. Every business is different and so is every campaign. For every campaign there is a different strategy. We carefully analyse the project instead of quoting a price upfront. Talk to us to know more about how our Bangalore based social media company can create customised solutions for you and how our solutions give you the necessary edge.

To reach the right customer, you must have the best Social Media Company.